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What should I see in Singapore

Singapore has an interesting mix of experiences.

If you fancy the outdoors:
1. Night Safari – Most animals come alive at night so it makes for an interesting experience.

2. Sungei Buloh – Watch birds and nature using well laid out hides and walks over an estuary. Best to go early in the morning while it’s cool.

3. Botanic Gardens – Enjoy the different trees/ plants. There’s even a Learning Forest with well designed stations and walkways.

4. Southern Ridges Walk – Enjoy the Southern Ridges of Singapore using well laid out paths and bridges. Best enjoyed early in the morning or evenings.

5. St John’s Island – Have a beach to yourself on weekday. Take a ferry to St John’s Island and then use the linkway to way to Lazarus Island.

6. Pulau Ubin – Cycle on the island and enjoy the rustic feel.

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For military buffs:

1. Old Ford Factory – Learn about life under Japanese occupation. There are guided tours available.

2. Battle Box – This was General Percival’s command centre.

3. Fort Siloso – A restored example of Singapore’s Southern Coastal Defences.

4. Labrador Park – Also part of Singapore’s Southern Coastal Defences. Check out the Casemates and old gun positions. Understand why the Japanese did not risk an invasion via the sea even though it was the most direct.

For history buffs:

1. Singapore Museums – Learn about Singapore’s history and that of the region.

2. Maritime Museum – Learn about Singapore’s naval history as well as that of the region.

3. The Original Singapore Walks – Many options to choose from. Learn about the various part of Singapore and different races.

For interesting architecture:

1. Marina Bay Sands Sky Tower – Worth going up for a drink during the evenings to view the sky line.

2. Raffles Hotel – This grand old dame was built by the Sarkies brothers enterprising Armenians.

3. Alkaff Mansion – Built by the Alsakoffs, Arabs family

For foodies:

1. Check out the various food centres and there are many!

2. Enjoy Michelin starred restaurants and eateries.

These and many more. Do some research. Singapore is also a good jump off to countries in the region. Enjoy 🙂

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