Bulky Items Transfer

Do you have massive things like bicycles to take with you? This can be trying particularly when transports nowadays have strict guidelines to bring massive things installed. It’sa smart thought to board on a transport with these bulky things. Elimination of taxi is likewise from the choice due to the little space. But no more worries because starting now, driving with bicycles and huge amount of massive things is has become easy with our maxi taxi Singapore. This specific transportation service is a powerful method to move across Singapore with weighty things.Read more..

Price detail – Bulky Items Transfer Choose another vehicle?


  • 07 Seater $55
  • 09 Seater $65
  • 13 Seater $70

* Price quote above include all Airport Tax, ERP and Carpark charges.

Complimentary Waiting time of 15 Minutes for 1-Way Transfers from the time of the booking, after which a surcharge of $10 per 15 Minutes block is applicable.

Waiting time of 45 Minutes for Arrival Transfers from the time the flight lands, after which a surcharge of $10 per 15 Minutes block is applicable.

Minimum of 2 Hours is required for Hourly Charter Bookings.

Midnight Surcharge of $10 will be applicable from 23:30 – 07:00hrs.

Additional stop (along the way) will be chargeable at $10-$15 respectively.

A 10% service charge is applicable for all credit card transaction.

An additional $10-$20 Surcharge apply for Transfers to & fro Tuas and Jurong Island.

An additional $5 applicable on outskirt area eg.Jurong West,Sembawang,CCK etc(only on super peak period for departure)

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Our range of maxicab transports and 9 seater maxi taxi can contain these massive things and bicycles and even bags. The best part is that we will in any case have places for you and your family to situate in the vehicle as well. This is an incredible comfort and a gigantic weight lifted off the shoulders. All arrangement for such items is here on this great cab service platform.

Picking the Right Mini Bus or Large Taxi

A standout amongst the most imperative things that you have to think about when searching for an organization is to guarantee that they have the right vehicles for your necessities. However, there are times when this is absurd particularly when you head off to the airport for a competition. It is inconvenient to stack up your bags, bicycles at the back of the lorry and you seat at the back of the lorry from your place to the airplane terminal.

With extensive compartment space for your bags, bicycles and massive things and enough seating in the front for you and your movement allies we offer you our armada.

In the event that you are purchasing bulky things and you require it transported conveniently but would like to save money, call us! We can send you a reasonable quote.

Our expansive taxi comes in different sizes relying upon the thing, we will either dispatch a 7 seater maxi taxi or a 13 seater minibus. Essentially get in touch with us and let us know precisely what are your things and their sizes. Our well-disposed Customer Personnel will prompt the correct vehicle for you.

Do consider utilizing our maxi taxi for massive things and bike exchange to transport you and your gear to any Triathlon, Bike or Biking occasions in Singapore. A 7 seater MaxiCab can fit 2 Mountain/Road bicycles and our 13 seater minibus can fit around 5.

You may contact us through our maxi Cab Hotline and Online Booking portal.

When you book with us, we commit to serve you with PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY, and PROFESSIONALISM