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What to Wear in Hot and Cold Countries

After all these years, you’d think you’ve got this dressing-yourself thing down to a tee. But start planning a holiday somewhere with a different climate, and suddenly…youknownothinjonsnow.

No fear. Here are 2 guides to help you figure out what to wear for a holiday in cold weather, and what to wear for hot weather. Peek in the bags to see what you should bring with you and keep handy as you explore.

For cool escapes, see how to keep warm in the chilly autumn breeze up to sub zero temperatures in deep snow. For hot getaways, your Singapore wardrobe isn’t always sufficient. See how to dress in countries with dry heat like Australia, how to keep cool while respecting the modest dresscodes in countries in India and Saudi Arabia, and a few must-packs for the more familiar setting of fashionable cities and humid islands.

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