Parkview Square Singapore

Parkview Square in Singapore

Parkview Square is an office building located in the Downtown Core Planning Area, Central Region, Singapore. It is situated along North Bridge Road, and is near the major commercial hub at Marina Centre. It is next to Bugis MRT Station, Bugis Junction, and The Gateway, and straddles the Rochor Road and Ophir Road corridor.

Parkview Square is one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore. Parkview Square houses the Honorary Consulate of Oman on the 4th floor, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates on the 9th floor, as well as the embassies of Austria and Mongolia on the 24th floor of the building.,The third floor is entirely occupied by the Parkview Museum where international contemporary art exhibitions are presented every year.

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Parkview Square was designed by the US firm James Adams Design, together with DP Architects of Singapore. It was the last major project by the late C. S. Hwang, a Taiwanese tycoon, who was the founder and chairman of Chyau Fwu Group.The office space on each floor is column-less so it can be reconfigured according to the tenant’s wish. Although it is a modern building, having been completed in 2002, it is designed in the classic Art Deco style, inspired by New York City’s 1929 Chanin Building. The exterior surface of the building is clad in brown granite, bronze, lacquer, and glass

Imposing and grand, the Parkview Square is an office building located in the Downtown Core Planning Area. The Parkview Square houses the embassies of United Arab Emirates, Mongolia and Austria and is one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore. When you enter the plaza of the building, you will see that the plaza is surrounded by bronze effigies of famous historical characters.

Address 600 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188778

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