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Exploring Love and Food in Frankfurt

Known for its modern skyline and economic vigour, Frankfurt is a booming tourist destination for explorers of all ages. For many travellers, Frankfurt is a gateway to Europe, but there is more to see than just roaming around the Frankfurt International Airport. An internationally diverse city, Frankfurt has many great things to offer, ranging from shopping and street food to historical buildings and the vibrant art scenes. I have visited Frankfurt several times over the years, and I am amazed by the charming medieval architecture and futuristic skyline.

How To Get Around Frankfurt

The best way to travel around Frankfurt is to take public transportation. I have to admit the public transportation system can be confusing for first-time visitors to Frankfurt. You can switch these machine from German into English and other languages by pressing the black “flag” near the top of the machines. We purchased the multiple uses train tickets to travel around Frankfurt as we will be in the city for a while. The maps at the train station are very helpful. There are also employees at the train station who are more than willing to help you if you cannot find your way.

The Frankfurt U-Bahn, together with the Rhine-Main S-Bahn and the Frankfurt Straßenbahn, forms the backbone of the public transport system of Frankfurt. To travel around Frankfurt, I took the U-Bahn (underground and overground), tram and bus. U-Bahn’s metro stations are easily distinguished with the distinct white U letter on a blue background. I took S-Bahn, those trams with the white capital S letter on a green background, only when travelling to the airport. S-Bahn is also very useful if you want to travel to the suburbs.

Best Places Of Interest To Visit In Frankfurt


Römerberg was the one place I loved whenever I was in Frankfurt. I spent most of my time here strolling down the iconic square and admiring the medieval buildings. The quaint shops and narrow alleys gave the ambience of the old Europe where merchants and the town people lived side by side, exchanging goods and stories.

Eiserner Steg

From Römerberg, we slowly walked to another iconic landmark, Eiserner Steg. The famous iron and concrete footbridge Eiserner Steg, crossed by over 10,000 pedestrians every day, connects the city centre and Römerberg with Sachsenhausen on the southern banks of the Main River.

Not to mention, Eiserner Steg is one of the most photogenic locations in Frankfurt. We had a good time taking photos on Eiserner Steg, changing our poses every few seconds. My favourite was this photo of us posing the alphabet “LOVE”. We had a good laugh trying to capture this!

Of course, our pose resonated with those locking their love on the bridge, a modern-day romantic ritual. Ah, how romantic is that!

Food in Frankfurt

A trip to Germany is not complete without trying the different food! I stuffed myself silly with lots of fantastic meals throughout the trip.

Pork Knuckle

If there was only one food I could eat in Germany, I would gladly pick pork knuckle. The hearty portion reminded me how small the food portion in Asia was! The tangy sauerkraut gave a refreshing kick to the oily and fatty meat. It was very common to find a knife sticking out from the pork knuckle — something that is a big no-no in the Asian culture. I just had to order a pint of German beer to quench my thirst and wash down all the food I had gobbled.

German Sausage

What is going to Germany without trying the German sausage? I heard so much about German sausage before I travelled to Frankfurt, so I really had a high expectation of this. The best thing about these sausages: you can find them almost everywhere! Whenever I was hungry and looking for a quick snack, I just went to a random stall on the roadside and got myself some sausages. There were plenty of varieties to try: Bratwurst, Blut Sausage, Frankfurter Würstchen and more.

 Curry Sausage (Currywurst)

My personal favourite was Currywurst. While my tastebuds were so accustomed to the McDonald’s curry sauce or the typical Chinese curry gravy, the curry-flavoured ketchup sauce was something unique. The sausages were cut into bite-size and doused in the curry ketchup, topped with paprika and curry powder. If I was looking for something more filling, I would grab a bread to go with the sausages.

Mario And Lino Pizzeria

My food adventure in Frankfurt was not only about German food. One restaurant that impressed me the most during my visit there was Mario and Lino Pizzeria, serving great Italian cuisine at an affordable price. The friendly restaurant’s owner even offered us a complimentary digestif — an alcoholic beverage served after a meal to aid digestion.

Look at that huge portion!

Da Cimino

Being a sucker for Italian food, another Italian gem that I found here was Da Cimino. It was packed with students and businessmen during lunchtime. Just look at that airy dough with a crispy crust! I fell in love at the first sight when the pizza was served. It was still piping hot from the oven!

Best Time To Visit Frankfurt

The best season to visit Frankfurt is towards the end of spring (April to May) and early autumn (August to September) where the flowers are blooming, and the sun is up most of the days. Always pack a sweatshirt or cardigan and bring an umbrella when you go out for unexpected rainy and chilly days during the transition of seasons. If you are not a fan of cold temperatures like me, visit Frankfurt during Summer (July and August are the warmest months).

Where To Stay

I would recommend Frankfurt Marriot Hotel for its sleek interior and award-winning service. The room also offers a great view of the Frankfurt skyline and free WIFI. The hotel is only a stone’s throw away from the central train station as well as main tourist attractions like Römerberg and Eiserner Steg.

Getting There

The average flight time from Singapore to Frankfurt International Airport is 13 hours 5 minutes. You can also take a train from Berlin or Munich.

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