Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe: Famous Jiggly Pancakes & Teas From Osaka At Bugis Junction

It’s finally here! Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe from Osaka has finally reached the shores of Singapore. Located at Bugis Junction, this is the first branch that’s outside of Japan.

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The cafe had a seating capacity of no more than 30 customers, the wooden interior and vibrant furniture created a rather cosy vibe. We loved how the natural lighting lit up the entire cafe, thanks to the all-glass design. Once we entered the cafe, we were greeted by the sweet aroma of pancakes.

After we snuggled comfortably into our seats, one of the Japanese staff started meticulously explaining the preparation of their pancakes and teas. He also recommended some pancakes and drinks for us to try as well.

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We tried the Belle-Ville Original Tea ($4.50), which is made with tea leaves from Okinawa. This region supposedly has soil which is rich in minerals, enabling the cultivation of quality black tea.

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We were also given a timer; three minutes of steeping and the tea is ready to be consumed. If you prefer your tea to be more fragrant, you may leave the tea bag in the pot for a while longer.

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We initially thought the Original Tea would have a strong taste due to its deep amber colour. However, after taking a sip of the tea, we discovered that it was actually very light and mild. In fact, it was a little too mild for me.

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Likewise, the Royal Milk Tea ($5) was a little too mild for my liking. Fret not, there are sugar sticks available so customers can sweeten their tea.

According to the menu, the tea would taste best when enjoyed together with the pancakes. The mildness could be to ensure that the fragrance of the tea does not clash with the sweetness of the pancakes.

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We started our pancake adventure with the Millefeuille Pancake ($7.90/4 pieces, $11.90/8 pieces). Trying not to be greedy, we got the four-piece option.

As the staff placed the Millefeuille Pancake on the table, it jiggled for a bit, resulting in a burst of excitement as we whipped out our phones to take a Boomerang of it — it’s all for the ‘grams.

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The maple syrup over the Millefeuille Pancake brought out the flavour of the batter. However, we found the batter to be slightly gritty and powdery. In addition, it wasn’t as fluffy as it looked when we cut into it.

Nonetheless, we still held high hopes for the other varieties of Belle-Ville’s pancakes.

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Next on the to-try list was the Mango Pancake ($11.90/2 pieces, $14.40/4 pieces). In between each layer of millefeuille pancake was a generous amount of Hokkaido cream and mangoes.

Then, topped with more chunky mango cubes, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. And it was as appetising as it looked!

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The Hokkaido cream started oozing out of the pancake as we cut into it, and we loved how sweet and soft the mangoes were. As I took a bite, I thought to myself, “damn! Now, this is what I call fluffy!”

The Hokkaido cream was very light, allowing the texture and taste of the Mango Pancake to shine through. After trying this pancake, we were certain that the Millefeuille Pancake served earlier could have tasted way better. Consistency issue? I’ll leave that question open.

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The Strawberry & Mixed Berry Pancake ($11.90/2 pieces, $14.40/4 pieces) followed soon after, and we were instantly captivated by its appearance.

The colourful selection of strawberries, mixed berries, and chocolate dressing raised our expectation for this dessert. We could smell the distinct aroma of berries from afar!

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Just look at the four layers of goodness! As fluffy as a soft pillow, each bite of the pancakes was like marshmallows on my tongue. The Strawberry & Mixed Berry Pancake was packed with mixed berries and Hokkaido cream, and teeming with flavours. While the mixed berries were sour, the sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream soothed my taste buds.

Despite the initial rocky start, we ended off our meal with smiles on our faces. The fluffiness of the pancakes, and that jiggle from the four-layer Millefeuille Pancake would make me come back again.

You definitely won’t want to miss out on the soft pancakes and the buttery, sweet and light batter that left us craving for more.

Are you salivating already? Head down to Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe and treat yourself to some sugary goodness!

Expected Damage: $12 – $20 per pax

Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe: 230 Victoria Street, #01-01B, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024 | Tel: +65 6255 5456 | Opening Hours: 8am – 8.30pm (daily) | Facebook

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