2020 Top 5 Cheapest Minibus Transport Service in Singapore

9/13 Xl Maxicab/Minibus

Maxicabtaxiinsingapore has become into a well-known identify in transportation offerings interior Singapore. We are a superior and vision-driven transport carrier provider. We provide a huge scope of transport offerings to fulfill the desires of our clients.

The Xl Maxicab/Minibus has considered a make bigger in demand over the years in Singapore. Within the previous the utilization of the Xl Maxicab/Minibus Service used to be limited solely to vacationers WHO Book a Minibus for hire to seem to be round our town. Nowadays quite a few locales and corporation corporations have begun to use this Minibus for 13 folks. Our Minibus Service caters to 13 passengers at most or 9 passengers with full bags. This is frequently practicable due to the pliability to fold the ultimate 4 seats for storage functions

We usually put your protection at the pinnacle and this is why all our Xl Maxicabs/Combi are equipped with 3-point seat belts anchored subsequent to the native security requirements of Singapore. This Minibus Service is moreover a great deal talked-about amongst our consumers WHO want the Transfer Service. Further, our 13-seater Minibus will suit up to 5 Bicycles and 5 folks. Shift cumbersome matters like two seater sofas, tiny storage cupboards and large containers from one area to different with ease the usage of our Minibus cumbersome objects switch service.

Our Xl Maxicab/Combi sevice is ideal not only for weddings but also for company events since because we have been moving delegates around for conferences and events with versatility attributed to the comfort level and affordability of our 13-seater Minibus.

Nowadays travel overseas for a brief vacation even throughout the weekends has become a norm in Singapore. Friends and extended families travel to multiple locations. The good news is that we have a tendency to do offer visits at numerous locations with our Xl Maxicab/Combi Service. Look no more, get the phone and book a maxi cab now. Booking is just few clicks away and it is for free. You may reach us via call or sms using this number +65 82 338628 anytime of the day because we have accommodating and friendly operators who are always ready to serve you.

Maxicabtaxiinsingapore is suit for aiding our all clients that are mission private, business, institutional, structural designing, institution and infrastructural ventures. We have realistic trip in getting workers from their house to work site. Our 23 seater minibus has the capability to transport 20 or extra worker’s and has better portability. Contract our automobiles nowadays to meet your transportation needs!3 3 300x169 2020 Top 5 Cheapest Minibus Transport Service in Singapore

In case you have 10 workers or less, our thirteen seater minibus has the right capability to transport your specialists. This minibus is more and more adaptable and is frequently related with to transport go professionals and additionally transporting them to their terminals.

Booking is just few clicks away and it is for free. You may reach us via call or sms using this number +65 82 338628 anytime of the day because we have accommodating and friendly operators who are always ready to serve you.

You may also contact us through our maxi Cab Hotline and that we can send you a maxi Cab in twenty minutes otherwise you may additionally can make an advance booking via our maxi Cab Online Booking portal.

When you book with us, we commit to serve you with PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY, and PROFESSIONALISM.

Maxi Cab Minibus Hourly & Whole-day Charter

Why go for Maxi Cab Minibus Whole Day & Hourly Booking
Some of the fantastic household moments can be skilled when you tour to a new u. s. together. And to make certain that you will all have the time of your lives in Singapore this summer, a cautiously deliberate itinerary is honestly in order. What you want to do is to make certain that you have each element of your time out from your air tickets to your transportation upon arrival in the use all figured out preserve troubles at bay. Remember that journeying besides backup plans or an organized itinerary will no longer solely make this outing extra of a project than a vacation.
So how will you assist make sure an easy and carefree household vacation? Well, first you want to discover a dependable airport switch provider that affords buses, minibuses and even maxi cabs that provide complete day & hourly constitution help to vacationers who would like to discover the metropolis and its high-quality traveler destinations. Having a expert constitution bus carrier company to assist you out will permit you to experience your day trip and your moments with your whole family.

What other benefits can your chosen transport service offer? The following are the perks that you and your family should be able to enjoy when you decide to hire an airport transport service:
Booking a Maxi Cab or Maxicab has by no means been this convenient! Planning to go to Singapore for a vacation with your whole family? Hiring 7 seater maxi cab or thirteen seater minibus can you round Singapore with a good deal ease. There are many sorts of personal transportation handy in Singapore to select from, however discovering the proper one for your tour desires can frequently be a challenge.
Save time and money.
Two of the largest elements that almost, usually dictates the route and the result of a holiday or any day trip for that matter, are cash and time. Who doesn’t favor to journey a fun day out whilst saving time and money? Choosing to collect the offerings of a Singapore transport carrier will retailer you from hailing taxis each time you favor to go round the city.
As you can imagine, paying for cab fares several times a day – for 3 or 4 days will surely break your budget into several pieces. Whole and hourly rates are available for you to choose from – and these options are reasonably priced to suit every type of budget.

One Vehicle for Your Entire Trip
Even if you will only need an airport transport service for a single day or for several hours, you will surely find a company that offers these types of services for you. Choose between their whole day & hourly charter services, definitely you will have the most convenient and practical vacation with the entire family. You just need to find the right airport transfer services that cater to your travel needs and you are all set.2 3 300x300 2020 Top 5 Cheapest Minibus Transport Service in Singapore
Best Rates in Town, Or We Will Match the Price!
Delight in the adaptability of on-demand exclusive charter service. It is the appropriate option for business or personal. Whatever your demands, our hour disposal (hourly charter / hire) booking solution provides you a distinct use of the 7 Seater Maxi Taxicab or 13 Seater Mini Bus with a specific driver at hand, for as lengthy as you call for. This is ideal if you require to travel to multiple places for meetings, visiting’s or you just enjoy traveling. No ERP or carpark charges. Do refer to the Maxi Cab Booking Charges and call Maxi Cab Singapore Hotline Taxi Number at 9611 6622.
There is a minimal of three (3) continuous hrs. of solution for hourly disposals.


13 Seater Maxi Cab / Mini Bus Singapore

Maxicab Xpress imparting thirteen seaters maxi cab (Mini Bus) offerings for massive businesses in Singapore. Our thirteen Seater Maxi Cab handy for Airport Transfers, City Tour, Weddings, Corporate events, Religious crew journeys to a range of places, Shuttle services for carrying events, distinct events, birthday parties, anniversary celebration, sightseeing excursions of the town or you simply want a journey to the airport. Our minibus can make certain that each passenger will have sufficient leg room, have greater than sufficient house for their luggage’s. If you Get our thirteen Seater Maxi Cab, one-way or return trip, or hourly booking, our driver is at your disposal in the course of the condo period.
How Many Passengers Can a Minibus Hire Accommodate?
A minibus rental Singapore may not be quite as large as a full-size bus, but they can still hold up to 13 people. You can be sure that there’s enough room for everyone in your group, then you are going to want to hire a larger vehicle like this.
While the sizes of minibus Singapore can fluctuate from 7 to thirteen seater minibus for hire, most of these automobiles are nicely maintained and have a lot of area for passengers and luggage. If you’re concerned about discovering a car that has all of the area you need, seem to be no in addition you have to reflect onconsideration on renting a minibus carrier from us.
We prioritize appearances, which is why you’ll choose to make certain you have an captivating automobile to tour round in. There are some great-looking minibuses that are accessible to rent; it’s in all likelihood that you’ll be impressed via many of these preferences if you take a look at them out.
Minibuses aren’t stupid and drab. Passenger van condominium Singapore are lively, fun, and ideal for all types of occasions.


The Singapore mini bus Hire is famous maxi cab provider in Singapore of which the thirteen seater minibus is an absolute price for cash deal. The thirteen seater minibus Singapore additionally recognized as a thirteen seater maxi cab is the ideal preference for thirteen people, uniquely designed with giant house for luggage’s, atypical measurement cumbersome items, boxes, and even bicycles those gadgets had been match without problems to thirteen Seater maxicabs with adequate of house closing and its cost for constant prices.

Singapore maxi cab affords for cab service. Say no surcharges for height hour. Higher price, due to the fact of congestion traffic, top excursion expenses for charges. We are supplying all weekdays, constant fee for each and every day all our transfer. The thirteen seater mini bus appoint is a famous minibus reserving amongst consumers who want a thirteen seater maxi cab or thirteen seater minibus for airport transfers. Need a thirteen seater minibus to change over distinct locations inside a proper time, a search on-line for ‘minibus hire’ ‘minibus booking’ would easy carrier with hourly rates.
13 Seater Minibus for airport transfer is a cost efficient service priced at (SGD) $65 per transfer/departure service which breakdowns to only $5 per Pox. Even if you’re travelling from the west to the east. Not much waiting time as we have strategically located our minibuses to reach you with 5 to 20 minutes upon your booking. And we also provide our 13 seater minibus for arrival transfers. Once you have requested a 13 seater mini bus hire, our drivers whom are assigned for your minibus booking would be monitoring the landing time of flight and pick you up accordingly from the airport.

Mini bus Hire for Hourly Charter is inclusive of limitless movements, a precise expert chauffeur for you, ERP(Tolls)& Parking. You wouldn’t have any consignment shocks at the stop of the day with our Flat Fares systems. Pay for solely the hours you employed the minibus.
Our minibus reserving is best for sight-seeing sand additionally hourly constitution of minibus offerings for each shuttle offerings weddings. No superior reserving fees. Book minibus in Singapore with the aid of contacting us by Call/WhatsApp/E-Mail and we will make the fundamental arrangements. Making an improve reserving via Singapore maxi cabs via on-line reserving portal in much less than a minute.

Maxi Cab & Mini bus Hourly Disposal Charter in Singapore

There is lots of maxi cab and mini bus charter services in Singapore, so what makes us different than all the rest? There are numerous stories about transport companies and how they rose to the top of the industry, but how credible are they? Here at SG Maxi Cab Singapore, we have had a long and hard road towards the top, but we have managed to do it by giving priority transport services to all our clients. We love providing them with high-class services because we value all our customers.
Some experiences are to be enjoyed together with your loved ones. Whether you are out on an exciting event like a vacation or on something as mundane as a shopping trip, being together and enjoying the journey is what will remain etched in your memories for a long time. The hourly services of SGCab ensure that you and your loved ones make the most of the journey, while the driver makes sure that you arrive safely at your destination.
The hourly service by SGCab provides a wide range of maxi cabs and mini buses for you to choose as per your need. Having a professional chauffeur to drive you around safely helps you relax during the ride.

Among so many luxury cab services in Singapore, why choose SGCab? Well, here are some of the many reasons…
24 Hour Availability
You can call us any time, any day to make your reservation! This includes public holidays.
Save Your Money and Time
What if we tell you that you can enjoy a luxurious ride, save precious time, avoid hassle, and all of this without emptying your wallet? Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, with SGCab, you get all of this, and more. We put our clients on a pedestal and serve each of their travel needs.
If you need to travel many times in a day, for instance, while shopping, paying a fare each time would combine together to be a very costly experience. Not to mention, waiting for a cab each time and haggling with the driver will become too irritating when you just need to complete the chore quickly.
The hourly service will ensure that you have a ride ready to take you to your next stop. This cuts down on the time and money that you will have to waste otherwise.
Use a Single Vehicle for all the Hours You Need to Travel
Having a single ride for the entire day will make things easier for you. If you have to travel for the entire day or for several hours, consistently or intermittently, the SGCab’s maxi cab and minibus will make your ride easy and comfortable. Having a single ride that will transport you to every stop you need to make takes a lot of stress away from the trip.

You’re looking at the most trusted maxi cab transportation services in town. We have been in the maxi cab transportation industry for more than 10 years now and giving our 100% quality of service to our clients is our commitment.


We have over three thousand Limousine, 4-seater Mercedes taxi/car, 6-7 seater White/Black Maxicab,Toyota Vellfire and Alphard, and a 13-seater Toyota Hi-Ace, ready to serve you. Booking is Free….BOOK NOW PAY LATER

We offer different maxi cab transportation services that will fit and meet your expectations. For Maxi Cab Booking Click here.

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