2019 top 5 cheapest maxicab website in singapore

2020 Top 5 Cheapest Maxicab Websites in Singapore

Maxi Cab or Maxi Taxi is a large size spacious taxi which can fit 7 or more passenger including big size luggage.It is one of the most popular cab in Singapore among Local and Tourist.Its driven by an experience and professional local driver which is familiar with Singapore route.Maxi Cab Singapore provides premium service which offer Departure, Arrival, One-way Transfer, Wheelchair access, Bulky Item Transfer and Hourly Disposal. All cars are strictly kept clean and neat for the comfort of all passengers. Child seat or booster is available upon request. Most MaxiCab in Singapore provides free wifi at no extra cost.

There are too many service providers but these 5 are the most reliable and cheapest.

1 – Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com

Most cheapest and reliable service provide in Singapore .We are one of the most experienced transportation agencies in Singapore, and we have the necessary tools to deal with any mishap or problem that may arise during the provision of this service. Our advice is unparalleled, as is our customer service, for which  Maxicabtaxinsingapore.com has been internationally recognized.

Our services are adapted to the needs of each user, with our availability and planning, we seek to improve day by day, improving our capabilities and long-term work. Technology is a factor that influences all our platforms in the same way, where we keep in regular contact with our users.

What We Offer

When it comes to the flexibility and adaptability of a transport service, at Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com we can count on Airport taxi plans, Minibus booking, among other platforms that can be hired at any time. However, the importance of all this lies in the need for each of these plans to offer an extensive and varied service.

Among the considerable amount of services, we can mention, we have:

  1. Advance booking: The advance booking system is a tool where we can find many possibilities at our fingertips, such as booking a Big Taxi so you can pick us up at an exact location, our destination and estimated time. This is achieved through the platforms available from our agency every day of the week, for the comfort of each user. Here you will be able to see any detail of importance for your trip through the city, fares, type of vehicle, among other options of interest to the passenger.
  2. City tour: The city tour service is one of the most popular options for most passengers, as it gives them the option of visiting historical and culturally important sites in the region, as well as a way of documenting and recognizing the area in which we are located.
  3. Meet and great or driveway pickup: We can choose between being picked up in a specific area or going to one of the establishments available to serve any user. Usually, our application available in the Play Store and App Store is used to make the necessary order to pick up luggage or any person who has chosen the option of advance booking.
  4. Corporate Booking: If it’s a business trip where a large number of employees will be present, this service is the perfect one for the occasion, since it is given special priority in order to provide quality and professional attention, beyond the family. With the freedom to choose between Minibus and any other alternative, it is without a doubt the best option for corporate holidays, or simply for visiting.
  5. Wheelchair service: As a new complement, most of our vehicle models have a tool for ease of movement for people in wheelchairs, which promise to be a very useful addition for people with disabilities who choose to visit the area frequently. The ramps are designed to be used without any problems and are a major step forward in road safety.
  6. Transport to Johor Baru, Malaysia, etc.: With the arrival of high tourist influxes, the services of Maxi cab Singapore offer trips of Airport Taxi and transportation to places such as Malaysia or Johor Baru, in order to raise awareness about the culture and historical content of this country. The hourly rates, compared to other services, are very economical and ensure a satisfactory experience.
  7. Bicycle: If on the one hand you want to travel the city by bicycle, you can do it, with our services we offer you the opportunity to find the best places to visit, creating a better contact with the city, taking into account the safety regulations.
  8. 24 hrs ready: Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any particular contract or special service.

We have a large range of vehicles in Singapore for rent including 7-seater, 9-seater, 13-seater any many more. Choose according to your need.

We are on many platforms today, so you can book any type of ride through our online booking portal quickly and easily. You can follow us on Facebook and download our official application from Google Play and App Store to manage your services and have a direct consultation with us. Also, you can call us at our number: +6582338628.

2 – Platinummaxicab

Travelling to your desired destination has never been more convenient and carefree. Time is precious so waste no more waiting or queuing up for a taxi to your destination! Platinum Maxicab’s free advanced booking lets you travel unhindered. Relax in comfort as professional drivers take you to your destination on time. Simply call Platinum Maxicab and all arrangements for the provision of your transport will be managed.

Unlike usual taxi services, Platinum Maxicab charges a flat rate. This means that there are no hidden costs, surcharges or meter rates. With a one-time flat fee, you can enjoy your journey in peace of mind without worrying about costs clocking up!

Platinum Maxicab’s premium professional service makes travelling not simply a journey, but a memorable experience in a luxuriant fleet of vehicles. All drivers are equipped with years of realistic experience and are trained in customer service to readily provide assistance. Putting your comfort at top priority, drivers take only the fastest route in the shortest possible time to your desired destination. A personalized ‘meet and greet’ service at the airport is also value-added for arriving travellers who have booked an airport transfer with Platinum Maxicab.

For all-rounded service and a pleasant journey that is as smooth as it is dependable, choose Platinum Maxicab!

3 – Airport-Transfer-Limousine

Start your trip with Airport Transfer Singapore to Hotel by our company Airport-Transfer-Limousine Pte Ltd. Singapore is the top rank country in Asia and if you are scheduling a visit to Singapore with your family in this summer to explore the beauty of Singapore, so you may surely plan a trip and for the better planning you may also plan a proper transport service to take a proper view of Singapore through the most comfort transports.

Airport-Transfer-Limousine Pte Ltd is managed by a group of experienced Limousine Drivers whom are passionate about delivering very high Limousine standards to all private clients.

Airport Transfer Singapore also have hourly and one day booking plan and it’s as per your need that what type of transport you are looking for we always there for you.

4 – Maxicabbookings

Maxicabbookings are a ONE STOP HASSLE FREE transportation service provider for all of your Maxi Cab & Minibus Booking requirements in Singapore. Maxicabbookings are extremely committed to giving you a peace of mind when make your bookings with us.

Experience the pleasure of travelling in comfort Mercedes Benz Viano Starts From $50.00. They are also offering Airport Transfers | City Tours | Family Functions | Events | Business Trip | One Way Transfers | Mini Bus Charter to JB | Free Water Bottles | Free Wifi | Clean & Hygienic Cabs | Mobile Charging points.

5 – Maxicab-singapore

If you wish to hire the above service with limousine, All cars are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you to travel any time you need them. Maxicab singapore provide the best you can find on the market concerning safety, style, and comfort.

Maxicab-singapore are offering you a team of online researches who will read through all the details that you have mentioned. They ensure that you will only be offered the vehicles that are perfect for you. They offer their our professional, friendly, honest and helpful driver.

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