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Does Singapore have school buses?

Yes , Singapore have schools buses as school bus sector is now more transparent, with parents able to check which operators have been appointed by several schools as well as the fares the operators charge.

This is thanks to the Internet portal set up by the Education Ministry (MOE) in January last year.The ministry said 31 schools are now using the portal and another 34 will join it in January next year. It will eventually include all schools. Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com buses have a range of different seating to cater to your needs. For a smaller group, you can choose the 12 and 19 seater bus. For a larger group , you can choose the 30 and 45 seater bus. You are free to choose the size of the bus to suit your transportation needs.To achieve excellence for our customers. To this end, we are committed to delivering safe and reliable services at competitive prices for all our clients.

The Information Notice Board for School Bus Services (IBSB) is a platform for schools to invite bids for the provision of school bus services. This one-stop portal allows bus companies and individual school bus operators to view and participate in bids on a competitive basis, based on their understanding of individual schools’ requirements and needs. Schools will award contracts to the bus operators who can best meet the needs. The IBSB provides details of school bus operators and the bus fares charged. This provides more transparency and useful information for both parents and bus operators.

Currently, 63 schools have participated in this enhanced process of using IBSB to invite competitive bids and publish of information on bus services. More schools will use IBSB over time.

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