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7 Unexpected Low-Calorie Food Items In Singapore That Are Big On Flavours

Having trouble locating lower calorie food and drinks when eating out? There’s no need to stick to salad bowls, and be potentially left with unsatisfying low-calorie meals. In fact, consuming fewer calories doesn’t need to equate to enjoying your meals less!

Health Promotion Board’s Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy (EDSH) Challenge is into its third year, and this year, it’s back with bigger and better sure-win rewards! The new EDSH Digital Passport lets you earn stamps and Healthpoints that can be redeemed for attractive prizes such as dining and retail vouchers.

With over 3,000 participating outlets in the EDSH Challenge, you will be spoilt for choices, but fret not, we’ve sussed out seven low-calorie meals at popular eateries to show you how to get the best of amazing flavours while watching your waistline.

1. Sour Spicy Noodles (Kopitiam)

Credit – Kopitiam

When it’s sweater weather here in Singapore, nothing is more comforting than a piping hot bowl of noodles. You don’t need to break the bank to warm your belly, with Kopitiam’s Sour Spicy Noodles (S$6).

A blend of rich and balanced flavours that will awaken your taste buds, its addictive soup base is sure to have you slurping it all up. The best part is that they have many outlets island-wide, so you can get soupy satisfaction at outlets like Wisteria Mall too!

Kopitiam: Website

2. Guilt-Free Ice Cream (Swensen’s)

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Credit – Swensen’s

Famous for their volcano-sized birthday ice cream treat, you can now satisfy your sweet tooth with less guilt! Swensen’s has introduced three ice cream flavours (Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla) that boasts up to 39% less sugar (S$4.50 for a single scoop, S$7.50 for double scoop).

Not only are they made with less sugar but also have more soluble fibre in them. It is light on the palate, yet still rich and full of flavour and richness. Guess we all can now feel less guilty about that extra scoop of ice cream!

Swensen’s: Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Prata Roll Chicken (Big Street)

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Credit – Big Street

Known as a heritage-styled dining establishment, they serve a variety of local favourites. Big Street is well-known for their pratas, especially the famous Chilli Crab In A Prata Bag. For something on the lighter side, they also have an appetising Prata Roll Chicken (S$9) with succulent chicken meat encased in fluffy and crispy prata.

You’ll get a hearty bite out of your favourite treat, with a healthy dose of protein to complete your meal. Talk about wholesome low-calorie meals!

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Big Street: 104/106 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208828 | Tel: +65 6100 2661 | Opening hours: (Daily) 10.30am – 11pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Jing Syuan Tea (LiHO Tea)

HPB low calorie foods online 6 7 Unexpected Low Calorie Food Items In Singapore That Are Big On Flavours

Credit – LiHO Tea

Bubble tea is almost as iconic a treat as kaya toast, but as with all good things in life, moderation is key. You don’t have to scrimp much on your favourite drinks from LiHO Tea, especially when they offer lower-sugar options like the Jing Syuan Tea (medium, 50% sugar) (S$2).

With eight types of healthier-endorsed drinks, customers even have the option to choose the addition of Stevia to their drinks in place of regular sugar! You’ll get to enjoy all of the flavours without the worry of tipping over your daily caloric intake.

LiHO Tea: Facebook | Instagram

5. Tagliata Di Manzo Con Rucola Al Rosmarino (Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore)

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Credit – Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

Meat lovers can rejoice in a generous slab of sliced beef tenderloin at this popular Italian institution. Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore has been serving hungry bellies authentic Italian cuisine for many years, with quality ingredients. For those looking to indulge with fewer calories, their Tagliata Di Manzo Con Rucola Al Rosmarino (S$36.90) is the perfect pick.

Grilled to your preferred doneness, it comes with a side of mixed grilled vegetables and rucola, making it a great medley of textures and flavours. Stay on track with your health, starting with a wholesome meal!

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore: Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Kebab (Stuff’d)

HPB low calorie foods online 800x533 7 Unexpected Low Calorie Food Items In Singapore That Are Big On Flavours

Credit – Stuff’d

Need a satisfying meal on-the-go? That’s what Stuff’d does best! Choose from a variety of protein options and a huge variety of vegetables and sauces to create a lower-calorie Kebab (S$5.30 for chicken, S$5.80 for beef) meal that’s big on taste!

One tantalising combination would be chicken, topped with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, and finished with punchy habanero sauce. There’s no excuse to not get in a nutritious meal regardless of how busy your day gets.

Stuff’d: Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Grilled White Barramundi Fillet (Jack’s Place)

HPB low calorie foods online 7 800x534 7 Unexpected Low Calorie Food Items In Singapore That Are Big On Flavours

Credit – Jack’s Place

Known for its affordable sizzling steaks, there’s more than just steaks at Jack’s Place. Those who prefer something lighter on the palate, yet equally as tasty, would absolutely enjoy the Grilled White Barramundi Fillet (S$20.80).

Served with baked potato, a healthy mesclun salad and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce, the fish is flaky and utterly luscious as it melts in your mouth! Who said healthier options means less flavour?

Jack’s Place: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Healthier options can be fun too! With our seven suggestions, we hope that you get creative with how to brighten up your low-calorie meals and have fun pursuing a wholesome lifestyle!

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Health Promotion Board

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