2020 Top 5 Favourite Maxicab 7 Seater Websites in Singapore

Maxi Cab or Maxi Taxi is a large size spacious taxi which can fit 7 or more passenger including big size luggage.It is one of the most popular cab in Singapore among Local and Tourist.Its driven by an experience and professional local driver which is familiar with Singaporeroute.

There are many transport companies who are providing 7 Seater Maxicab services but these 5 are the best in singapore.

1 – Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com

One of the foremost in style cabs in Singapore is that the 7 Seater maxi Cab. The 7 Seater Maxi Taxi is best-known as maxi Taxi. Maxicab singapore for seven individuals is unambiguously designed with an oversized boot house to hold luggage’s, boxes, odd sized large things and even bicycles. These things fit simply into our 7 Seater Cabs. What makes our maxi Cab Booking additional fascinating is that the fastened service we provide for our maxi Cab Services. Say no to peak hour surcharges, higher costs, vacation peak charges and ERP charges. We provide everyday fastened service for all our maxi Cab Transfers.

Our 7 Seater maxicab is our most liked service especially by our customers who need to travel to (departure) and from (arrival) the airport. Book with us and we’ll help you save time for you no longer have to wait in long queues in taxi stands especially during peak seasons. We monitor your flight landing time and pick you up from the airport accordingly. We also provide you with a 45-minute complimentary waiting time from the time your air bus lands. Our 7 Seater maxi Taxi can carry seven passengers and seven medium-sized luggage.

Moreover, if you wish a cab for seven individuals to maneuver to multiple points among a stipulated time, book our maxi Cab Hourly Booking service. Unlimited movement, a chosen transport to drive you and solely get the quantity of hours you employ. Sounds interesting? Our Maxicab Hourly Booking service is perfect for weddings.

Booking is just few clicks away and it is for free. You may reach us via call or sms using this number +65 82 338628 anytime of the day because we have accommodating and friendly operators who are always ready to serve you.

2 – Platinummaxicab

Platinum Maxi Cab on demand Maxi Cab had been around for nearly 20 years. Maxi Cab Singapore is hardly found on the road. Simply because only 100-150 vehicles are available. When booking maxicab , rest assure you will getting a spacious 7 seater taxi. Either going for holidays, transfer within singapore, corporate events, maxi taxi singapore is the one you need.

Platinum Maxi Cab send you a large, spacious comfort maxi cab with a safe and friendly driver. Maxi cab booking for airport departure and the return arrival are advisable. No more waiting in long queues at taxi stand during holiday seasons. Big taxi singapore can easily fit 7 passengers with 5 large luggages. And further grace free waiting of 45 minutes is given for arrival. That’s why book maxi cab is very popular. Another similar type is the 6 seater taxi also available in our fleet.

3 – Taxisingapore

Taxisingapore offering one of the largest and most luxurious limousine cab in Singapore, the 7 seater Maxi Cab limo taxi provides you a smooth and comfortable ride to your destination. A top choice for the discerning traveler in you who expects only the best!

Enjoy exclusive use of the Maxi Cab limo taxi for business or pleasure. It is the ideal group carrier, with ample space to fit up to 7 passengers including luggage from S$55 per transfer.

4 – Singaporemaxicabs

Singaporemaxicab is popular cab service in Singapore, 7 seater maxicabs  And 7 seater maxi cab also known as a maxi cab. And the cab for 7 peoples unique designed with large space for luggage’s, odd size bulky, boxes, item, and even bicycle. Those items were fit easily to 7 Seater maxi cabs. Which makes maxi cabs booking is interesting for fixed prices. Singapore maxi cab offers for cab service. Say no surcharges for peak hour. Higher price,because of congestion traffic , peak holiday charges, & ERP for charges. We are offering all weekdays, fixed cost for every day all our transfer.

7 seater maxi cab is popular for a client who needs a maxi cab for airport transfer. Maxi cab airport by departure, arrival airport is two popular most maxicab service around Singapore. Not much waiting for the long queues by finding your way to home to the hotel. And we are monitoring the landing time of flight to customers by pick-up to the airport. At Singapore maxi cabs, we understand clientele, and, The complimentary waiting time will be applicable for 45 minutes from the time the flight lands. The 7 passengers and 7 medium sized luggage can be carried with comfortably by our 7 seater maxi cab.

5 – Bookamaxicab

Demand has increased over the years for Big Taxis in Singapore. The reason for this could be the increase in the number of people going for short getaways as well as the increase in the number of tourist coming to Singapore. People nowadays have the trend of traveling with a group of friends and families and of course not to mention the luggage’s that they carry together, A standard taxi is just not enough to fit everyone and everything. That is why a 7 Seater Taxi or Maxi Cab in short is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore.

The 7 Seater Maxi Cab is a Maxi Taxi that can comfortably fit 7 people and also has a medium sized boot space to store luggage’s, boxes and bulky items. The size of the boot is so spacious that people even book our 7 Seater Cab for Bulky Items Transfer Service.

If you need to book a Cab for 7 people to move to multiple points within a stipulated time, book our Maxi Cab Hourly Booking Service. Unlimited movement, a designated chauffeur to a driver you and only pay for the number of hours you use are some of the many perks when booking Our Hourly Maxi Cab Booking service. Our 7 Seater Taxi is also ideal for sightseeing, weddings, and even shuttle services. The SG Maxi Cab Hourly Booking is also ideal for sending invitations for a special occasion to friends and relatives.

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