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2020 Top 5 Bulky Items Transport Websites in Singapore

One of the most stressful and complicated tasks to complete is moving bulky and large items from one location (Ikea) to another; this is the reason why hiring a charter maxi cab company that offers bulky items transport services is really important. If there is one thing that makes this task complicated, it would surely be finding a vehicle that is large enough to transport, transfer or move items that are too big to fit a conventional car or too small to fit even in a mini-van. There are many companies which are providing bulky items transport facility but among all these are the best 5 transport website in Singapore for bookings.

1 –

Do you have massive things like bicycles to take with you? This can be trying particularly when transports nowadays have strict guidelines to bring massive things installed. It’sa smart thought to board on a transport with these bulky items taxi. Elimination of taxi is likewise from the choice due to the little space. But no more worries because starting now, driving with bicycles and huge amount of massive things is has become easy with our maxi taxi Singapore. This specific transportation service is a powerful method to move across Singapore with weighty things.

Our range of maxicab transports and 9 seater maxi taxi can contain these massive things and bicycles and even bags. The best part is that we will in any case have places for you and your family to situate in the vehicle as well. This is an incredible comfort and a gigantic weight lifted off the shoulders. All arrangement for such items is here on this great cab service platform.

Picking the Right Mini Bus or Large Taxi

A standout amongst the most imperative things that you have to think about when searching for an organization is to guarantee that they have the right vehicles for your necessities. However, there are times when this is absurd particularly when you head off to the airport for a competition. It is inconvenient to stack up your bags, bicycles at the back of the lorry and you seat at the back of the lorry from your place to the airplane terminal.

With extensive compartment space for your bags, bicycles and massive things and enough seating in the front for you and your movement allies we offer you our armada.

In the event that you are purchasing bulky things and you require it transported conveniently but would like to save money, call us! We can send you a reasonable quote.

Our expansive taxi comes in different sizes relying upon the thing, we will either dispatch a 7 seater maxi taxi or a 13 seater minibus. Essentially get in touch with us and let us know precisely what are your things and their sizes. Our well-disposed Customer Personnel will prompt the correct vehicle for you.

Do consider utilizing our maxi taxi for massive things and bike exchange to transport you and your gear to any Triathlon, Bike or Biking occasions in Singapore. A 7 seater MaxiCab can fit 2 Mountain/Road bicycles and our 13 seater minibus can fit around 5.

2 – Sgmaxi

As of the present days, carrying lots of bulky items and even a bicycle is no longer a problem with the aid of a sgmaximini bus or a sgmaxi maxi cab Singapore. Such kind of transport service proves to be an effective way to haul them altogether in a single vehicle. This is true to the fact that many mini buses and 7 seater maxi cab are perfectly designed to accommodate a good number of luggage and a couple of bicycles. This proves to be a great convenience on your part because you will no longer have to think about carrying all your things together.

Bike transport to any Triathlon, Ironman, Bike or Biking events in Singapore. 7 seater MaxiCab could transport an optimum of 2 complete bikes, and the 13 seater minibus could do more.

3 – MrMaxiCab

Just bought items from Ikea? Or you are shifting to a new room today and the movers didnt turn up? Your items are too bulky or huge for you to transport it by bus/train or normal taxi? Going for a triathlon in Malaysia? Need space for your bicycle? MrMaxicab also providing best solution to your bulky item transfer headache.

You can confirm your booking through there online booking portal or their whats app numbers.

4 – Bookamaxicab

Do you have some bulky boxes and luggage’s to shift, but they just won’t get into the boot of a taxi! Have you experienced this before? If your answer is yes then worry no more, the solution to your problem is here. Our Maxi Cab and Minibus bulky item transfer service are catered for you. No one would want to board an MRT or a bus with all these bulky items or are we allowed to? All in one, your bulky items and you in one vehicle. How does this sound? All you must do is call us shortly before you wrap up with your shopping and before you know it, our friendly chauffeurs are on the spot ready to pick you up with your bulky items. So why go through all the hassle when we have the Maxi Cab bulky items transfer service to offer you. Providing you with a fruitful shopping and transporting experience.

5 – Mymaxicabsgp

Mymaxicabsgp Big boot space to load your luggage or even bulky items such as bicycle, wheelchair transfers and many more. The big taxi interiors are spacious and comes with a wide leg room, this allow passengers enough space to move or stretch out their legs. If you are traveling with luggage, boxes and bicycles, this big maxi cab provides you with ample room for your bulky items. is the 100% reliable transport provider for bulky items transfers.

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