15 Unique Mooncake Flavours In 2018 That’ll Fly Your Taste Buds To The Moon

It’s that time of the year again, when the moon turns full, and we get to stuff our faces with boxes and boxes of mooncakes.

Every year, hotels and brands try to outdo themselves with exotic flavours and gastronomical creations. This Mid-Autumn 2018, we tried out 15 unique mooncake flavours that tantalised our taste buds.

— Grand Hyatt Singapore —

Aside from the classic Champagne Truffle and Lychee Martini Truffle, Grand Hyatt Singapore has released four new flavours this Mid-Autumn Festival 2018. From 16 July – 15 August 2018, pre-order through their online store to get 25% off.

1. Teh Tarik & Chocolate Truffle

Grand Hyatt Mooncakes 2018 4

You can’t get more Singaporean than teh tarik in your mooncake! The new Teh Tarik & Chocolate Truffle Snowskin Mooncake (S$78 for any eight snowskin flavours) from Grand Hyatt Singapore combines the fragrance of teh tarik with a rich chocolate truffle centre.

Be sure to enjoy it chilled; that way it’s almost like a zhng-ed version of teh ping!

2. Acai Berry Truffle

Grand Hyatt Mooncakes 2018 3

Acai is definitely the new superfood trend, but have you thought about enjoying it in a mooncake? The Acai Berry Truffle Snowskin Mooncake (S$78 for any eight snowskin flavours) from Grand Hyatt Singapore combines the antioxidant properties of acai, with a dose of crème de cassis.

Yes, it’s an alcohol-infused mooncake! Take a bite of this “purple-gold”, and indulge in a blend of rich acai and blackcurrant liqueur.

3. Green Apple, Basil & Trigona Honey Truffle

Grand Hyatt Mooncakes 2018 6

For those who’re looking for a truly unique mooncake experience this Mid-Autumn season, the Green Apple, Basil & Trigona Honey Truffle Snowskin Mooncake (S$78 for any eight snowskin flavours) from Grand Hyatt Singapore might be a good choice.

Combining fragrant Trigona honey with floral basil and tart green apple, and you get a refreshing mooncake flavour! Psst, this one is infused with alcohol too.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211 | Tel: +65 6887 5492 (retail hotline) | Order Online | Website

— Man Fu Yuan 满福苑 (InterContinental Singapore) —

Intercontinental Mooncakes 2018 4

The Mid-Autumn festival is all about sipping tea and nibbling on mooncakes, so what about tea-infused mooncake flavours? Here are our picks from Man Fu Yuan’s new tea mooncake flavours this 2018!

From 22 July – 21 September 2018, you can order through their online store, while from 3 August – 24 September 2018, the mooncakes will be available at the Man Fu Yuan Shoppe in InterContinental Singapore Bugis and eight other locations*.

4. Black Sesame With Osmanthus Chocolate Truffle

Intercontinental Mooncakes 2018 3

This Black Sesame Snowskin Mooncake With Osmanthus Chocolate Truffle (S$74 for a box of assorted four flavours) comes with an aromatic twist! Enjoy the slightly astringent and nutty taste of black sesame, alongside the subtle fragrance of osmanthus.

Be sure to take your time to savour the mooncake, because slowly appreciating the flavours will bring out the taste of the osmanthus.

5. White Lotus Paste With Mandarin Peel Chocolate Truffle

Intercontinental Mooncakes 2018 1

Man Fu Yuan’s White Lotus Paste Snowskin Mooncake With Mandarin Peel Chocolate Truffle (S$74 for a box of assorted four flavours) may seem ordinary at first, but just wait till you get to the chocolate truffle centre.

Tangy and sweet, the mandarin peel added a sharper undertone to the mooncake. Not to mention, each mouthful was really aromatic too!

6. Earl Grey With Strawberry Chocolate Truffle

Intercontinental Mooncakes 2018 2

East meets West with the Earl Grey Snowskin Mooncake With Strawberry Chocolate Truffle (S$74 for a box of assorted four flavours). The citrusy Earl Grey notes complemented the smooth white lotus paste, creating an irresistible blend of sweet and zesty flavours.

The highlight was definitely the strawberry chocolate truffle; biting down into this surprise centre flooded my mouth with a tart flavour that cuts through the sweetness of the mooncake.

Man Fu Yuan 满福苑: 80 Middle Road, InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966 | Tel: +65 6825 1131 / +65 6825 1132 | Order Online | Website

*Also available for purchase at Change Alley, Ngee Ann City Takashimaya, VivoCity, NEX, Jurong Point, Bishan Junction 8, Compass One and Tampines Mall

— The Fullerton Hotel Singapore —

The Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes 2018 2

It’s The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s 90th anniversary this year, and they’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Their mooncake flavours with local infusions will be available from 11 August – 24 September 2018, so don’t miss this uniquely Singaporean taste of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

7. Pandan With Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake

The Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes 2018 6

The fragrance of pandan is complemented with the natural sweetness of gula melaka in the Pandan With Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake (S$61 for a classic box of four, S$73 for a premium box of four) from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

It’s all about local flavours here, so get your taste buds ready for the comforting lightness of pandan. I found the gula melaka a tad too sweet after one slice, so you might want to share it with your friends.

8. Yuzu With Chia Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake

The Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes 2018 8

There’s nothing better than refreshing yuzu-flavoured desserts in our hot weather. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Yuzu With Chia Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake  (S$61 for a classic box of four, S$73 for a premium box of four) brings the citrus flavours up a notch with its yuzu paste, and the chia seeds added a crunchy texture.

9. Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake

The Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes 2018 7

Milo is such a comforting drink in Singapore, and now we even have it as a mooncake. The Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake (S$61 for a classic box of four, S$73 for a premium box of four) from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore contains smooth milk lotus paste and crunchy Milo pops.

Bite into this delightfully local mooncake for a uniquely Singaporean Mid-Autumn experience!

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178 | Tel: +65 6733 8388 | Order Form | Order Online | Website

— Raffles Hotel Singapore—

Raffles Hotel Mooncake 2018 1

Known for their Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncake, Raffles Hotel Singapore has come up with new flavours this year. You can order them from now till 24 September 2018 at the North Bridge Road Atrium or from 20 August – 24 September 2018 at their Festival Booth at Chevron House.

10. Acai Berry And Chia Seeds Snow-Skin Mooncake

Raffles Hotel Mooncake 2018 2

Chia seeds and acai berries are popular health foods, and Raffles Hotel has brought the two together in their new Acai Berry & Chia Seeds Snow-Skin Mooncake (S$72 for a box of eight).

Unlike most mooncake flavours which tend to be on the heavier side, the combination of these two ingredients produced a refreshing flavour that’s light on the palate. There’s even Greek yoghurt in the mooncake for an even tangier flavour!

Raffles Hotel Singapore: 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 | 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, Singapore 048622 | Tel: +65 6412 1122 / +65 6412 1007 (corporate orders) | Order Online | Website

— Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes —

Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes 2018 1

The salted egg and lava custard food trend seem unlikely to die out any time soon, and now even mooncakes have become part of this trend. Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes brings us traditional baked mooncakes with a gooey twist.

11. Lava Custard Mooncake

Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes 2018 2

Make sure you enjoy these Lava Custard Mooncakes (S$59 for a box of eight) warm, because that’s when the magic happens. Take a big bite to reveal the gooey lava custard centre, and an explosion of savoury and sweet flavours in your mouth.

Each mouthful brought lovely flavours of gooey lava custard. If you love mooncakes with egg yolk, then you’ll love this gooey version.

12. Creamy Custard Mooncake

Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes 2018 4

For more intense custard creaminess, the Creamy Custard Mooncakes (S$58) are perfect for you. The entire mooncake is filled with smooth and creamy egg custard, which I’ve never seen anywhere else.

You’ll definitely want more than one slice of this custard mooncake, so place your orders before they sell out!

Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncakes: Order Online | Website

— Golden Moments —

Golden Moments Mooncake 2018 2

They only sell one mooncake flavour, but Golden Moments does it well. Get a taste of “black gold” with their charcoal snowskin durian mooncakes, with an early bird offer from now till 1 September 2018 (S$10 off for one box, S$45 off for three boxes, S$100 off for five boxes).

13. Signature SnowSkin Mao Shan Wang Mooncake

Golden Moments Mooncake 2018 3

Live the high life with this atas flavour from Golden Moments. Their Signature SnowSkin Mao Shan Wang Mooncake (S$98.80 per box of four) is made with pure creamy Mao Shan Wang durian. Yes, the mooncake is completely filled with rich and creamy durian flesh!

Encased in smooth charcoal snowskin and sprinkled with edible gold dust, each bite is aromatic and full of decadence.

Golden Moments Singapore: Order Online | Facebook | Website

— TungLok —

Singapore’s largest local producer of mooncakes is back with healthier options for you this Mid-Autumn Festival 2018! TungLok brings us lotus paste mooncakes that are the first in Singapore to be approved by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), with dietary fibre and lower sugar.

Tunglok Mooncakes 2018 1

From 13 August – 24 September 2018, bring home your box of TungLok mooncakes at selected restaurants. Watch out for their Early Bird Special (10% off for 2 – 10 boxes, 25% off for 11 – 49 boxes, 30% off for 50 boxes and more) from 1 – 31 August 2018 for MostValuedGuest and tunglokfirst Cardmembers!

13. White Lotus With Nuts (Mini Snow Skin)

Tunglok Mooncakes 2018 4

The White Lotus With Nuts ($58 for box of 8) is new mini snow skin mooncake flavour from TungLok. The skin is infused with Moringa Leaf, a superfood that’s packed with vitamins and has lots of health benefits.

What’s more, this white lotus paste mooncake is also one of the healthier HPB-approved options with dietary fibre and lower sugar. It’s light on the palate with an addictive crunch, so you’ll keep coming back for more!

Who says mooncakes can’t be healthy and delicious at the same time?

14. Red Bean With Almond (Bite-Sized Mooncake)

Tunglok Mooncakes 2018 2

Ever wanted to try some mooncake, but didn’t want to eat the whole piece? TungLok’s Bite-Sized Mooncakes brings to you smaller portions, so you can try more flavours!

One of the flavours you should try is the Red Bean With Almond (S$60 for box of 16), which replaces the usual lotus paste with red bean paste instead. The almond bits added a bit of crunch to this tasty treat.

TungLok Mooncakes: Order Online | Facebook | Website

— Marina Bay Sands —

15. Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne Snowskin Mooncake

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2018 1

Up for something refreshing? The Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne Snowskin Mooncake (S$78 for box of 8) from Marina Bay Sands has a combination of strawberries and champagne truffle, enveloped in sugar-free green bean paste.

There’s even fizz candy in this tangy mooncake, so pick one up for a poppin’ good time!

Marina Bay Sands: 10 Bayfront Avenue, SweetSpot, Tower 3, Hotel Lobby, Singapore 018956 | Order Online | Facebook | Website

With so many new mooncake flavours out this year, you’ll want to make your pre-orders to try them all. Don’t worry, calories don’t count when it’s the festive season!

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