100 Free Bowls Of Healthy Lu Rou Fan Up For Grabs At The Salted Plum This 18 Sep

In a food paradise like Singapore, going on a healthy diet has always been a struggle. We often have the misconception that healthy food must be bland and boring; think salad and boiled chicken breasts every day.

Well, this misconception should end right here. To enjoy a healthy and fulfilling meal, your meals should be fresh, tasty and most importantly, well balanced.

As a guide to how a balanced meal should look like, the Health Promotion Board has introduced ‘My Healthy Plate’.

Credit – Healthy Promotion Board

It should consist of filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter of your plate with whole grains, and a quarter of your plate with meats and others.

salted plum - 1

In partnership with SETHLUI.com and the Health Promotion Board, The Salted Plum will be giving out 100 free bowls of healthy Lu Rou Fan from 1pm – 3pm, on 18 September 2018.

salted plum - 9

The Lu Rou Fan have been fitted to the My Healthy Plate portions — the usual white rice (as shown above) will be switched out for cauliflower rice and quinoa, topped with a runny onsen egg and greens. This hearty bowl of Lu Rou Fan will definitely keep your day going.

This special giveaway will only happen one day only, so mark down the date and drop by for a healthy lunch!

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Date & Time: 18 September 2018, 1pm – 3pm

Price: Free

my healthy plate

The Salted Plum, 10 Circular Road, Singapore 049366

my healthy plate

The Salted Plum, 10 Circular Road, Singapore 049366

Operating Hours: 1pm – 3pm

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