Bulky Items Transfer

Bulky item Transfer

Do you have big things like bulky items to take with you? This may be trying especially when transports these days have strict suggestions to bring big matters installed. It’s smart concept to board on a shipping with these bulky matters. Elimination of taxi is also from the choice because of the little space. But no more worries because starting now, driving with bicycles and huge quantity of large things is has emerge as clean with our maxi taxi Singapore. This specific transportation service is a powerful approach to transport across Singapore with weighty things.4 1 300x300 2020 Top 5 Cheapest Bulky item Transport Service in Singapore

Our range of maxicab transports and 9 seaters maxi taxi can contain these massive things and bicycles and even bags. The best part is that we will in any case have places for you and your family to situate in the vehicle as well. This is an incredible comfort and a gigantic weight lifted off the shoulders. All arrangement for such items is here on this great cab service platform.

A standout amongst the most imperative things that you have to think about when searching for an organization is to guarantee that they have the right vehicles for your necessities. However, there are times when this is absurd particularly when you head off to the airport for a competition. It is inconvenient to stack up your bags, bicycles at the back of the lorry and you seat at the back of the lorry from your place to the airplane terminal.

With extensive compartment space for your bags, bicycles and massive things and enough seating in the front for you and your movement allies we offer you our armada.

In the event that you are purchasing bulky things and you require it transported conveniently but would like to save money, call us! We can send you a reasonable quote.

Our expansive taxi comes in different sizes relying upon the thing, we will either dispatch a 7 seater maxi taxi or a 13 seater minibus. Essentially get in touch with us and let us know precisely what are your things and their sizes. Our well-disposed Customer Personnel will prompt the correct vehicle for you.

Do consider utilizing our maxi taxi for massive things and bike exchange to transport you and your gear to any Triathlon, Bike or Biking occasions in Singapore. A 7 seater MaxiCab can fit 2 Mountain/Road bicycles and our 13 seater minibus can fit around 5.

Maxi Cab & Mini Bus for Bulky Items Transport Services in Singapore

Are you worried about transporting bulky gadgets and bags with you? Don’t worry due to the fact SG Maxi Cab don’t leave out a beat and realize that every now and then human beings should shipping heavy items that require delivery services which have a bit of favor and class. If the objects you need to transport are too big to be transported in a normal taxi, or you don’t need to make use of the offerings of transferring companies, then hiring a maxi cab or a mini bus from SG Maxi Cab in Singapore is the manner to go.

“Forget about Ever Worrying Approximately Transporting Bulky Items in Singapore with the Maxi Cab & Mini Bus Service from SG Maxi Cab”
We have helped countless people circulate their bulky items from one place to the next in Singapore, with complete satisfaction assured and at the excellent feasible prices. When you are seeking out the right service to move your heavy stuff for you, the great coverage is hiring the services of SG Maxi Cab.3 1 2020 Top 5 Cheapest Bulky item Transport Service in Singapore

We provide lots of options to transfer bulky items

We have got professional chauffeurs with years of experience in the industry, and can easily help you move all your items with no stress at all. The best part is that we have got specialists that have prior experience in moving bulky items, and we have got the right transport vehicles to help you move easily. We understand that moving is a stressful process, but when you come to us for our maxi cab or mini bus service, we make sure that you don’t have to face any hassles.

We are committed towards offering our clients with peace of mind and 100% satisfaction in all our services. This is the reason why we are so highly rated in the industry. We love to serve our customers in Singapore and will help transport your items anywhere you want. We also offer our 7 seater maxi cab and mini bus for bicycle transportation, especially when there are biking, ironman, and triathlon events in Singapore. Our motto is to serve our clients with extreme dedication, and we make sure that the rates we charge are highly affordable as well.

Choosing the right vehicle

One thing that you have to do not forget while you want to transport bulky objects is selecting the right transport automobile. Make sure which you offer us with the complete details about the gadgets which you want to transport, so that our experts can guide you on the fine possible car for that purpose. We have got a wide range of vehicles, which incorporates our maxi cab and mini bus charter services.

We encourage all of our clients to book in advance while they need to move bulky items in Singapore. This lets in us to make all of the preparations so you don’t turn out to be facing any disappointments at the day you need to move your stuff.

How to make a bulky items switch booking?
When it comes to booking on your bulky items transfer, you can choose from anybody of the following methods:

You may email us your order
You may use our online booking form
You may call us
When you do make your booking, make sure that you provide us with the following information:

Service Required
Pick up Time & Date
Pick up Address
Name & Number of Passenger
Estimated Number of Bags
Drop off Destination

Maxi Cab Bulky Items Transport Service

One of the maximum disturbing and complex tasks to complete is shifting bulky and massive items from one location (Ikea) to another; that is the cause why hiring a constitution maxi cab employer that gives bulky items transport services is honestly important. If there’s one element that makes this undertaking complicated, it would surely be locating a vehicle that is massive enough to transport, switch or move items which are too massive to healthy a conventional vehicle or too small to fit even in a mini-van. For this and other associated matters, you definitely need the expertise that most effective a reliable Singapore maxi cab booking company can provide.

Ways to Find the Right Bulky Items Transport Service

With your undertaking looming in the sidelines, you seriously want to find the right organization for your shifting or transfer a bicycle or related needs. Here are methods to select the proper one to fulfill your expectation.
You must not accept a corporation the offers an unmarried kind of vehicle to move the cumbersome objects that you Maxi Cab Bulky Items Transport have lately purchased.

So whether you have shopped for tables or chairs or even massive lamps at IKEA otherwise you simply need to move some large gadgets from your old office to your new one, it’s far a must with a purpose to employ the proper sort of transportation. The enterprise has to be capable of gage whether you need maxi cab or a mini bus to transport your stuff properly. There should be several alternatives on the way to select from – to avoid the usage of something this is too small or too large for the job.

Use the internet to behavior your search. Find a corporation that has a well-structured internet site to make your search an entire lot easier. The World Wide Web is teeming with companies that offer cumbersome or even bicycle transfer services, and all you need to do is to discover the only that suits no longer simply your mission however also your budget.

Ask the right questions before making a selection. Most of the data that you need in order so that it will finalize your choice are to be had online, however, it is nonetheless a plus if you attempt to attain out to them by means of phone, chat or email – to help you get all the details, clarifications and assistance that you want. You can ask the subsequent questions as well:

How long has your company been in business?

Can you transfer large objects and can you help us choose the vehicle and the package that we actually need?
How much are your rates and do you offer budget friendly deals to help us save more money?
Can we call you or contact you any time, in case we have questions, clarification and feedback to provide?
What sort of bulky items does your company support?
Are there any extra charges we should expect? Can you explain your policies to us to make sure that we are on the same page?
Bulky items transport services rely on the company that you choose. Maxi cab bookings in Singapore will help you come up with the best package for sure!

Mr Maxi Cab Bulky Item Transfer
2 1 300x206 2020 Top 5 Cheapest Bulky item Transport Service in Singapore
We are registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA); This will show that we are severe providers in this change as there are many fly by night operations on this industry.
Feel loose to ask any questions, clean your doubts before booking. MrMaxicab Services as legit service issuer will now not stress you into creating a booking. Always ask about the “hidden charges”. To prove that there aren’t any.
MrMaxicab has a few different motors in our fleet, this will permit us to customize a package deal with a purpose to get the most price for money package deal for you.
We admire a while and we take punctuality seriously subsequently be assured that we won’t keep you waiting for us.
Our cars and drivers are efficiently insured, in case of any mishaps, its covered.
Just bought objects from Ikea? Or you’re moving to a new room these days and the movers didn’t turn up? Your objects are too cumbersome or large on the way to delivery it through bus/teach or regular taxi? Going for a triathlon in Malaysia? Need space for your bicycle? MrMaxicab has the proper approach to your cumbersome item switch headache.

Maxi Cab & Minibus Bulky Items Transfer

Many transport groups take different processes to be at the pinnacle of the booming transportation enterprise in Singapore.We cost our purchasers a lot that we put their safety as our outmost priority.
We started out our journey in 2013 realizing the demand for transportation wishes in Singapore. We started out with the Singapore Minibus Booking service. After which we found out that our clients required other types of vehicles. The demand for vehicle types including the 6 Seater Maxi Cab, 7 Seater Taxi, nine Seater Maxi Cab, thirteen Seater Minibus Charter, and 23 Seater Bus Hire started to grow. We decided to cater to those demands via expanding our fleet of vehicles.

Our Company is registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and our business is purely to provide transportation legally. All our vehicles are insured comprehensively for both drivers and passengers. Feel free to ask any questions and clear your doubts before you make a booking with us. Book a Maxi Cab is a pioneer transportation service provider in Singapore.

You’re looking at the most trusted maxi cab transportation services in town. We have been in the maxi cab transportation industry for more than 10 years now and giving our 100% quality of service to our clients is our commitment.


We have over three thousand Limousine, 4-seater Mercedes taxi/car, 6-7 seater White/Black Maxicab,Toyota Vellfire and Alphard, and a 13-seater Toyota Hi-Ace, ready to serve you. Booking is Free….BOOK NOW PAY LATER

We offer different maxi cab transportation services that will fit and meet your expectations. For Maxi Cab Booking Click here.